DulcoLax® Adult Pico Liquid

  • Can't go (Less than 3 poops a week)
  • Morning relief
  • +18 years
  • Liquid

DulcoLax® Adult Pico Liquid works with the water in your body to provide predictable and comfortable relief from constipation in 6 to 12 hours.

Morning constipation relief*
When taken at bedtime, helps wake up your gut as you rise.

Works in harmony with your body
Helps to reactivate your natural gut rhythm, supporting your body's natural urge to go in the morning.

Trusted relief
DulcoLax® is the UK's No 1 Constipation Relief**.

Gluten & sugar free
Suitable for diabetes and celiac disease.

*Take at night for an overnight relief
**Based on IQVA volume sales data MAT'2023. For verification please email: UK-medicalinformation@sanofi.com

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