Dulco® helps your body go

Our lives are busier than ever today, and we know that everyone is on their own journey to get the most out of life. Your mind makes the plan and (usually) your body gets you there.

But we're only human, and sometimes, our bodies need a nudge to help carry us where we want to go. Sometimes, we feel blocked, bloated and uncomfortable. Sometimes we literally just can’t… poo. When your body feels heavy, life slows down a bit. It can be frustrating, a bit embarrassing even, but it shouldn’t stop you getting on with your life!

We understand the struggle. Dulco® helps your digestive system get moving, so you can feel like yourself again. We're here to help you understand what is happening to your body and get back that confidence to get on with your day.

Your body knows what it's doing, Dulco® is just here to give it a push.

Dulco is the UK's #1 non-prescribed laxative brand*

*Based on volume sales data. For verification please email: UK-medicalinformation@sanofi.com

Clinically proven

The Dulco® range includes:

Dulcolax® tablets which contain bisacodyl, a stimulant laxative for the relief of constipation symptoms. With its dual action it carries water and salt to the gut, which hydrates poo to make it easier to pass, as well as stimulating the smooth muscles of the intestinal walls which help you to go when you need to.

DulcoEase® Capsules contain docusate sodium, which is a stool softener. This also has a dual action effect to help soften poo and make it easier to pass, as well as stimulating the bowel to get things moving again.

Improves quality of life

The Dulco® range has been shown to relieve constipation symptoms - allowing you to feel more in control. It activates your digestive system to help you poo comfortably, so you can start to feel free again, inside and out.

Works in harmony with your body

The Dulco® range has a variety of products that work with your body to provide effective relief of constipation, so you can choose the option that works best for you.

How are we working to help you live your life to the fullest?

We are a team of poo health experts

Dulco® is not only a range of products designed for your digestive routine. It is also a place to get reliable advice on your intestine health. We are here to help you understand what your body is telling you and take action.

We created a wide range of products to answer your body’s needs

Dulco® products to help you move things along and give you a sense of relief. Leaving you confident, in control and able to get on with your day.

Discover the Dulco® range

Stay informed

Constipation symptoms can be annoyingly persistent. We know how frustrating this can be, and like to help identify common causes for constipation and how to prevent it.

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