Dulcolax® helps your body go

Our lives can be busy and chaotic, whether you’re a parent, a student, an employee, or a caregiver. Regardless of your situation, we all want to get the most out of life and live to the fullest. To achieve your objectives, your mind and body must work together: your mind making the plans and your body giving you the means to get there.

Sometimes, things may not go as planned… and we need a gentle nudge to help our bodies carry us where we want to go. At times, we can feel blocked, bloated and uncomfortable – and sometimes, you just can’t… poop. When your body feels heavy, life slows down a bit. It can be unpredictable and frustrating, but it shouldn’t get in the way of you reaching your goals !

We understand the struggle and your desire to feel better. Dulcolax® works with your body to provide you fast or gentle overnight relief so you can get back to being you. 

Your body is your temple and Dulcolax® is here to help you take care of it.

Dulcolax® is the world’s #1 non-prescription laxative brand

Available in more than 90 countries

Clinically proven

Dulcolax® is a stimulant laxative that contains Bisacodyl: an active ingredient that works with your body to help relieve occasional constipation. Bisacodyl has a 2-in-1 mechanism of action that stimulates bowel muscles and hydrates by accumulating water in the intestine to soften stool which can help you go.

Get back to being you !

Dulcolax® relieves occasional constipation, allowing you to get back to enjoying the things you love most. It activates your bowels to initiate a great poo so you can feel good, inside and out.

Works with your body

Dulcolax® Tablets have a special coating that ensures that the active ingredient is released right where it's needed.  Just one tablet overnight can help provide you with relief in the morning.

Trusted Relief

Dulcolax® has provided trusted relief for over 60 years.

Let’s see how we can help get you back on your feet

We are a team of poop health experts

Dulcolax® doesn’t just offer a family of products designed to help you get relief from occasional constipation. We also offer reliable advice and information on your gut health. We are here to help you understand your body and how to take action to prevent constipation symptoms.

We created a range of products to answer your body’s needs

Dulcolax® products help your digestive system get moving with fast or gentle overnight relief solutions. Find the Dulcolax® product that’s right for you.

Any questions ? Learn more about constipation symptoms and causes:

Dulcolax® family of products

Stay informed

Occasional constipation is a common condition with a wide range of possible causes. We know how unpredictable and frustrating constipation can be, so we are here to help identify the possible causes and teach you how to address them.

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