What are the daily habits that can cause constipation?

Our daily life habits have a strong impact on our body functions, including our digestive system. The result may be that you get constipated. But a little goes a long way. Making simple changes to your lifestyle habits is the first step for most people.

How can getting older cause constipation?

As we get older, the bowel muscles in the digestive tract need a little bit more time to move food and stool through the intestines. The resulting constipation is a frequently reported bowel symptom in the elderly with considerable impact on quality of life. Understand how age can change your body and how to adapt to help yourself feel better.

Constipation during pregnancy – a common phenomenon

During pregnancy, certain hormones increase and trigger many changes in the body. Pregnant women frequently suffer from difficult and infrequent bowel movements, hard and dry stools, abdominal pain and discomfort. Although not dangerous in most cases, symptoms of constipation should be addressed properly.